A quick hotkey app switcher for Mac


Launch and move between apps with a keystroke.


Command-Tab gets you to your last-used app, but getting somewhere else is more cumbersome. Instead, assign shortcut keys to your frequently-used apps, and switch to them straight away. No more paging through the list of open apps, or pulling up Launchpad, or mousing over to the Dock.

Your hotkeys on all your Macs, synced via iCloud.

Have more than one Mac? Your hotkey configuration stays up to date on all of them, automatically. No setup needed.

That’s it.


Hot Launch is designed for Mac OS macOS 10.14 and newer.

The back story:

💬 For three decades, pressing Cmd-Esc has brought my shell forward. (It actually all started with the equivalent LeftAmiga-Esc, thanks to PopCLI on the Amiga.) On the Mac, DragThing took up duty and soon other shortcuts joined my muscle memory: F2 for e-mail, F3 for web browser, etc. After its 64-bit demise I found other apps (like Snap) to fill the role, but they also began to show age. None was quite as simple, efficient, nor portable as I wanted. So I made Hot Launch.